Reliable and Specialized IT Services

02.Oracle Database Services

DARKRA Data Solutions has been providing best-in-class onsite and remote DBA services for Oracle immensely. Our staff consists of certified Oracle professionals capable of managing the most sophisticated database architectures. We can provide the right consultant for all of your DBA requirements.

Today’s CIO constantly seeks to maintain a core IT team that is agile in responding to business requirements—application design, rolling out new features, and so on. These leaders understand the benefit of collaborating with experts who can take on the load of non-core processes like database administration. DARKRA has been a preferred partner of choice for numerous global brands in their Oracle database administration.

Our team of senior, skilled, and supportive DBA experts have helped IT leaders with services including:
  • Upgrades to Oracle 9i, 9.2, 10g, 10.2 , 11g, 11gR2 and 12c
  • Remote Oracle DBA services
  • Performance tuning
  • Oracle migration new storage systems; physical to virtual; cross platform
  • Post and Ongoing support
  • GoldenGate
  • Engineered systems including Oracle Database Appliance and Exadata
Our DBA Services include:
  • Design and Implementation of virtualization, High Availability, and
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Day-to-Day Administration including user administration and space
  • management Development Support
  • Space and Performance Monitoring
  • Database Development Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Stored Functions
  • Report Development
  • Database Health Checks and Troubleshooting
  • Database Security Assessments
Onsite Database Administrators

DARKRA offers the services of a highly skilled, trained and certified team of consultants, who provide:

  • Production Database Administration that focuses on keeping production databases running on a daily basis.
  • Development Database Administration to work with your developers and manage the creation of database objects, implement storage management, and perform performance tuning.
Oracle Remote DBA Services

Oftentimes, our customers prefer offsite team that still knows their business and gives the same attention to detail as an onsite team would. DARKRA offers Remote DBA services where we install and upgrade your database software, tune your existing databases, and design and build new databases to support new applications.

Our experts are available 24×7 to handle any escalation remotely, efficiently and quickly. Our customers find that they benefit from substantial cost savings when they choose experts from DARKRA over hiring full-time staff.

Our DBA specialists are Oracle Certified Professionals with key experience in the Oracle arena. We have managed Oracle projects for SMBs and large organizations as per their unique business needs.

Our remote DBA services include:
  • Consulting & Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • 24×7 support
Over the years, our customers have reaped the benefits of our remote Oracle DBA services:
  • Reduced cost of managing IT environment
  • Simplified install
  • Reliable, secure performance diagnosis and tuning
  • Increased developer productivity and efficiency

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03.Infrastructure Services

Your best Infrastructure solution provider

DARKRA is a global IT infrastructure services provider that plans, designs, implements organizational IT strategies, and manages mission-critical IT infrastructure for global clients.

DARKRA leverages its in-depth industry and technical knowledge and helps clients extract maximum value from their IT investments. The company delivers this by providing an IT Infrastructure management platform that is cost effective, reliable, and cutting edge.

Our IT services have incorporated automation, simplification, documentation and controls, quality support, and industrialized reviews into our operating model. We relentless focus on quality, backed by the robust tools and methodologies.

DARKRA ensures an ability to:

Salient Features:

  • Deliver better levels of service with a flexible, yet robust global delivery model
  • Improve infrastructure utilization
  • Increase infrastructure availability
  • Boost end user satisfaction
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership for IT Infrastructure
  • Maximize operational efficiency

Our end-to-end IT Infrastructure offerings include:

IT Support Services
Infrastructure Management Services
Application Product Services
Database Management Services

As an Infrastructure partner, we plan, design, and implement organizational IT strategies to make your infrastructure scalable, flexible, reliable and economically viable.

Salient Features:
  • IT Support L1/L2/L3
  • Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Application Managed Services
  • Database Managed Services
  • Amazon Cloud Services

DARKRA's Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) automation solution provides clients with a comprehensive approach to DR/BCP process implementation and maintenance. It enables zero dependence on experts to trigger the right processes in correct sequences.

Companies now consider 24x7x365 availability of their web presence or ERP as a critical requirement for -changing market dynamics. They cannot afford to face downtime of mission- critical applicationsand especially their databases. Their ability to withstand outages, natural disasters, and infrastructure interruptions will determine their level of business continuity, and thus directly affect their bottom line. DARKRA offers the following important services to ensure business continuity:

  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery

The importance of High Availability in any business cannot be underestimated: downtime costs alone have been estimated in the millions of dollars per hour in some industries. Database downtime is what a esult of various causes: natural disasters, power outages, or server failures.

At DARKRA, we understand the extent to which companies rely on databases and the importance of high availability (HA). Our Reliability Review is a proven and tested high availability solution that will take stock of your current risk scenario and help determine the level of protection your business requires.

High Availability Technology

  • Server Clustering
  • Oracle RAC
  • Mirroring
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Streams
  • Virtualization
  • Disk-based backup technologies

Our expertise ensures a marked increase in uptime, apart from keeping your database highly available.

We believe that every business and every organization is unique in its character: DARKRAs consultants learn and understand the dynamics of your organization, from tolerance for downtime and data loss, to your specific hardware and software technologies, and your current and projected budgets for IT. With this knowledge we design and implement the HA solution we know will best suit your requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is oftentimes considered more as insurance than assurance. This is not merely a ploy to sell fear it is protection against events that strike when least expected.

There’s no measuring loss of data – be it an hour’s outage or a week’s, the resultant disaster is the same. However, the speed of recovery can salvage operating revenue and preserve customer trust. This is especially true for organizations that operate without breaks and require robust, resilient disaster recovery solutions to get them back on their feet again.

Disaster Recovery Technologies

At DARKRA, we provide resilient, reliable, and responsive disaster recovery solutions that fit SMBs as much as large organizations. Our solutions include:

  • Disk-based back technologies
  • Oracle RMAN
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Streams

Whether you need a hot standby site in another state or a cold standby site in another room, we help you select, architect, and implement the perfect solution for your business and your budget.

Database-Specific Disaster Recovery Options

Our Disaster Recovery options include the backup and restore utility. Alternatively, we can use third party applications such as Double-Take to create a hotsite using clustering (with no shared disks). In certain circumstances, replication can be used as well to create a standby database.

Oracle Disaster Recovery options include RMAN, Data Guard and Oracle Streams. With Data Guard, you can build a robust environment with hot or cold standby databases and it is usually the best option for Oracle Disaster Recovery. Oracle streams can be used to create replicated databases as well.

04.SAP Consulting

Managing SAP initiatives on a large scale basis requires extensive business process knowledge, in-depth integrated & innovative strategies combined with talent base across locations. DARKRA can help you address the complete, end-to-end application life cycle from the up-front design, build and implementation of applications through ongoing management and application evolution that is closely aligned with your business objectives.

Accelerate the pace of innovation with SAP HANA an in-memory platform that runs analytics foundation for all your data needs, removing the burden of maintaining separated legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run simple in this new digital economy.

Instantly access and analyze transactional and analytical data. Dramatically improve your planning, forecasting, trend analysis and financial close processes while reducing TCO with less hardware, maintenance and testing. Explore and analyze vast quantities of data from virtually any data source at the speed of thought. In-memory computing has arrived at SAP and will be transformative for many of its customers.

DARKRA provides turnkey SAP HANA implementation solutions, including methodology and project management capabilities.

As part of our Specialized Consulting Services, DARKRA’s SAP HANA consultants are helping our customer do things faster, smarter and more efficiently. Building on the HANA architecture, our consultants are delivering cutting-edge applications that can manage and analyze massive amounts of data to improve market responsiveness.

We can help our customers leverage SAP HANA to:

  • Make smarter, faster decisions with real-time analytics
  • Develop unique applications to improve planning
  • Improve and boost business performance
  • Deliver one, single version of the truth across all parts of the organization

05.Oracle ERP Consulting

Our Oracle ERP experts are brought in to help clients understand options, build a roadmap, and meticulously execute on a sound Oracle vision

DARKRA Data Solutions is a Gold Level Partner of Oracle, which is a recognition of our expertise in implementing and supporting complex and very niche Oracle products and solutions, globally, across verticals.

DARKRA can offer the most comprehensive suite of global business applications offering an Integrated Business Portfolio that helps you monitor both financial and operational aspects of all lines of your business and achieve efficiency.

Applications Consultancy

Whether we take ownership of the project or supplement customer staff to solve a specific problem, DARKRA consultants focus on a single goal: finding the solution that works best for each customer's unique circumstances. Our application implementation services address the unique complexities of your industry. Our consultants bring expertise in business and technology drivers and leading practices within major industries. Our certified consultants not only have many years' experience working with the software but also backgrounds working in senior functional roles or with the major consulting houses. This coupled with the broad range of industries covered, means our consultants are able to see the 'bigger picture' when working on projects.

Technical Consultancy

We have a strong team of technical consultants working on Oracle Applications & Tools. Our technical consultants carry out CNC tasks such as applying ESU/ASU/Service packs as well as more complex tasks such as upgrade planning, technical architecture design, technical audits and technical workshops.

Applications Development

DARKRA offers a development service utilizing the Oracle toolkit and development guidelines, with a programming team experienced in tailoring Oracle applications software across a range of disciplines. Our developers have gained an excellent reputation for designing, developing and installing enhanced functionality and integration with third party solutions for many Oracle EBS & JDEdwards customers. This is achieved by harnessing the power of the Oracle technology solutions, which provide an interoperable backbone comprised of integrated tools, advanced middleware, and reusable business objects that speed solution development, deployment, and maintenance.

Bespoke Training

With bespoke training DARKRA can provide company-specific training, either in the form of tailored courses, one-on-one coaching or standard courses at a more convenient location. Our specialist courses include the application areas of Enterprise One construction solution and property management.


There are many factors to consider when evaluating and planning an upgrade, such as the underlying requirements of the business, increased functionality and technical infrastructure to name just a few. Building a business case is an essential part of the process. Within the Oracle family of products, considerable enhancements have been made to all products and the secure future of Oracle product lines means that there has never been a better time to consider upgrading. The reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the last few releases, amongst other factors, gives some very compelling reasons to consider a strategy for the future.

DARKRA expertise covers the following:

  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Implementation
  • Customized “BOLT ON” Modules
  • Global Roll Outs
  • Upgrades
  • Training

We specialize in the following Oracle products and services:

  • E-Business Suite All Modules
  • Primavera
  • Hyperion Performance
  • Management Applications
  • Oracle Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  • Oracle Communications

We have an off-shore and Onsite model, which helps us to be cost effective, efficient and deliver desired results to our customers within challenging deadlines. We have a strong team of Domain experts, Senior Functional experts and Technologists that can help you implement Oracle products and solutions in a time bound and efficient manner.

DARKRA provides an end to end solution that covers Gap Analysis, User Training, global roll outs, upgrades and support, which includes Database Management support.

06.Engineered Systems

Cut your IT Costs with Oracle Engineered Systems

DARKRA Data Solutions and Oracle are helping clients transform their data centers to achieve the flexibility and scalability their business needs to move quickly in an increasingly digital world. Our data center transformation services are integrated with Oracle’s engineered systems to help clients achieve business benefits more quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively.

This transformation helps reduce data storage requirements and increase application performance. Unique in their breadth, structure and approachDARKRA Engineered Systems Solutions for Oracle can help change the nature of the data center, delivering performance, power and flexibility in a smaller, more cost-effective simplified footprint with reduced risk while slashing total cost of ownership (TCO) through dramatic consolidation.

We have created a set of solutions and tools that incorporate Oracle’s engineered systems - Oracle Exadata, Exalogic and Exalytics - into our market-leading data center transformation implementation and outsourcing assets to accelerate time-to-value for clients deploying Oracle database technology.

We can help you with:

  • Platform Readiness Assessment : Assess the current infrastructure, database and application landscape to define the short-, mid- and long-term strategic and tactical roadmaps and develop a business case on how clients can benefit by using engineered systems in their ecosystem.
  • Platform Implementation : Deploy the appropriate engineered system(s) platform into client ecosystem and integrate operations, infrastructure and service management tools, processes and procedures. We can also help develop a service catalog which sets the foundation for Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Application Rationalization : Modernize and enhance the applications targeted for engineered systems and integrate operations and service management tools, processes and procedures to achieve a high performing application landscape.
  • Database Rationalization : Modernize and enhance the databases targeted for Engineered systems, and integrate operations and service management tools, processes and procedures to achieve a high performing database landscape and Database as a Service (DBaaS) Capability.
  • Managed Services : Manage the client's applications and infrastructure on engineered system(s) platforms to provide a service oriented view of operations and also help achieve lower cost to operate while achieving higher stability, scalability, performance and availability.

07.Security as a Service

Understand Your Risks; Define Your Future State and Transition your Enterprise

DARKRA’s industry-leading consulting and managed services help firms reduce risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms.

Strengthen your security with our experts, global threat intelligence, advances monitoring, incident response, and cyber readiness services.

Our end-to-end security services cover IT and industrial systems to help your enterprise achieve digital transformation with security at its core.

Our deep industry knowledge, our team of security specialists, and our end-to-end solutions for traditional and next-generation technologies enable you to securely adapt as your business and risks change.

Formulate effective security strategies, including organization, governance, metrics, process and technology deployment, and comply with legal and regulatory mandates.

Meeting the difficult challanges of today's security environment demands expertise and experience. Our IT-security experts provide organizations across the globe with actionable plans that reduce risk and costs while increasing compliance.

Our experts' knowledge, experience and business acumen provide the subject matter expertise needed to reduce risk, enable efficiencies and improve your organization. We can provide project management and staffing that is on site, remote or through managed support. You can be assured that DARKRA is equipped to engage at any level that is right for your culture.


  • Identify and understand your critical security risks
  • Define your future state and develop a strategic road map to get there
  • Transition your enterprise in the most trusted, integrated and efficient manner possible.


DARKRA's IT-security Strategic Consulting delivers proven solutions in these specific areas:

  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Database Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Cloud Security


Today's cyberattacks can seriously damage an organization's brand, customers and partners. Your enterprise security needs to be protected by a trusted, reliable partner. When it comes to providing experienced and knowledgeable cybersecurity consulting, DARKRA delivers.

08.Business Intelligence

Moving a company forward can mean many things to many people. For a CFO within a healthcare organization, it might mean uniting topline and bottom-line growth, while a CIO in higher education might view progress in terms of developing a holistic infrastructure that breaks free of legacy systems. Regardless of the individual, the common element shared by these unique goals is the need to make better decisions by delivering the right information to the right people in the right format.

On Business Intelligence (BI), one of the largest IT Organizations in the world Oracle Corporation has data is set to grow 50-fold by 2020. So understandably, business intelligence has never been more t of Business Intelligence tools are helping Companies rapid transform themselves by reading into the data and analyzing data to understand and prioritize Organizations challenges to meet opportunities globally.

Oracle Business Intelligence provides Aggregated Details of your Suppliers, Customers, Sales, Business Activities & Financial Performance with the ability to drill down to transaction level. With Oracle Business Intelligence, a business should know what are their top performing customers, their key suppliers and sales trend that help the executives to make better decisions.

Tap into Business Data with the right technology

That means incorporating business intelligence and analytics and reporting into core business operations. Unfortunately, without the right analytics technology, it can be a struggle to turn raw data into actionable intelligence that will move your company forward.

With the pursuit of better decisions in mind, its no surprise that many industry-leading organizations are incorporating analytics into their operations to help drive innovation and discover new ways to complete.

Oracle BI Analytics provide valuable Insight

  • Monitor market conditions, customer preferences, future trends and demographic shifts
  • Make sound business decisions based on accurate, current and comprehensive information
  • Increase ROI while decreasing TCO
  • Unite disparate business processes


At DARKRA, we have recognized the growing awareness and potential of BI to organizations. Our ‘Data Scientists’ are skilled in Business Analyitcs and Statistics. Besides an exposire to BI tools from Oracle, gives us the edge in delivering a good BI project and we can support your initiative by through our support.

DARKRA provides access to a comprehensive suite of modern, market-leading Oracle BI Analytics solutions that enable companies to more about their businesses though dashboards, presentations and reporting solutions.

One of the major challenges noticed in BI practice is architecting an appropriate BI solution to meet client Analytics requirements. Our resources can help Organizations to architect the perfect solution for them.

We will train Organizations in implementing and maintaining the solution with a view to maximizing returns.

We can implement best in class products from Oracle, for reporting, ad-hoc queries, OLAP, Dashboards, Scorecards and architecture it, through a unified foundation that is complete, open and integrated. We can build custom solutions tailored to suit individual user needs within your organization.